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04 December 2012

You're my everything

~ Assalamualaikum ~

Post kamu lagi...
Naik bosan baca dah...

Mlm ni nak post ttg lagu 
yess i like this...
Let's go...

You're my everything
The sun shines above you make the blue bird sing
The star that twinkle way up in the sky
Tell me I'm in love

When I kiss your lips
I feel the roaring thunder to my finger tips
And all the while my head is in the spin
Deep within I'm in love

You're my everything
And nothing really matter what the love you bring
You're my everything
To see you in the morning with those big brown eyes
You're my everything
Forever and the day I need you close to me
You're my everything
You never have to worry never fear
Coz I'm in near

For my everything
I left up from the land and see the sky above
I swim within her ocean sweet and warm
There no strong my love

i hope u all can understand with this lyrics...

11.30 a.m

~ Assalamualaikum ~

Hak Cipta Terpelihara 2013

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